Google AdWords Keyword Tool – How it works!

Many bloggers and webmasters often make a mistake. They write posts and articles on their websites, but they often forget previously to analyse the keywords. However, there is a few things to note. Keywords are such a little thing. How to avoid those mistakes?

Keywords and Keyword Density

Keywords are words or word patterns, which are analysed and stored by search engines. For example, if you want to create a website about books you must use the main keywords “book” and “books”. Google analyses the site and prepare a report on the keywords the site. The more often the keywords are used in the context, the more interesting this site is for Google.

However, care should be taken here also. Keywords calculated based on a Google keyword density. Another example: the website includes an article with a hundred words, and every tenth word is the keyword searched, this corresponds to a keyword density of 10%. However, a keyword density of 10% would be completely incomprehensible in any text. A keyword density of 2-3% is reasonable. Otherwise, the site looks untrustworthy.

Therefore, if you are trying to optimize your web site for one or more keywords, then you should remember – not more than 2 to 3% keyword density. Always remember that a website lives thanks to the visitors.


Keywords cannot only consist of a word. In addition, word combinations are possible keywords. These are called long tail keywords. Why is this important? Is not it enough to optimize for only one keyword? This is where the spirit of invention comes to the rescue. Keywords like “book” or “books” or “recipes” are of course very often sought.

Book – 11,100,000 Global monthly searches
Books – 5,000,000 global monthly searches
Recipes – 11,100,000 global monthly searches

However, the competition in such keywords is also extremely high. More competition means that it is much more difficult to be listed on the first results in Google search.Here, the long tail keywords come into play. Sticking to the old instance. We want to optimize for the keyword “recipes”. For the keyword “recipes for cakes“, there are 673,000 global searches per month.

However, the competition for it is likely to be significantly lower than for the keyword recipes. Therefore, you might make it even be on the first page of search results listed and it can therefore generate significantly more visitors.

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SEO – Sign in directories and what to do with Flash

What should you consider to Yahoo and the ODP? Directories are, in contrast to search engines, editorially. An editor checked before recording the page, decide whether it is picked up and created a description. In directories often is recorded only the home page of a website. An entry in directories often requires some work, as an appropriate category to be searched, and a proposal made for a description.

The expense can be worthwhile but as an entry, your link popularity and your PageRank may increase, thereby improving their search engine ranking. In addition, of course, visitors will also be directed to your website. One of the most important directories include the Open Directory Project (ODP) and Yahoo. Check if your website meets the guidelines for a registration. You will find that directory also provides the latest information on the costs and processing time.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for Flash

The evaluation of websites is based on ‘visible’ content. Currently, however, search engines can identify (almost) no flash content. For the assessment remain only the HTML part. If the entire contents present as a flash, so only the title remain for the evaluation of the best description page and off page factors (such as incoming anchor text).
Google also displays Flash movies in the search results and gives you a PageRank. Currently, Google recognizes no content. Google finds, indexed, and it follows links in Flash animations.

From the perspective of search engine optimization is nothing against the use of Flash. However, some rules should be followed: Do not create complete pages in Flash. Use Flash for animations. Make text, which should not be hidden from search engines, HTML.

If you use Flash for navigation, so be sure that the URLs used have absolute paths. Also, make sure that each page can be achieved even without flash. This can be achieved via an alternate HTML navigation or a site map. Completely in Flash, created pages can of course also be optimized for search engines. In any case, good titles and descriptions should also be selected here. However, an individual analysis and design is necessary for further optimization.

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Web design, layout, and content

Before you start with the design of your website with the layout, you must already have decided the site content. The content, it is the most important thing:

Do not copy, steal or duplicate content from other sites. This applies to texts, as well as information, pictures, graphics, etc., unless you have the express permission of the author in writing. Ideas of a colour could you at this time also make already. While a logo is not required on private homepages, but I think, it cannot really hurt to have one. This, of course, you should make timely manner.

In addition, this only contributes yes, even in a small private Web site to create a corporate identity. The logo then yes you can print it on your business cards and t-shirts.Once a logo, business card, a flyer or business papers are available, one can expect that a certain “corporate identity” must be present. This means that, for example, a company may have already certain colours, fonts, text structures, and other elements to which it relies to reach a certain recognition. It is imperative that these elements (e.g. logo) and the formal aspects and in the website to recognize. Tip: If you should create a website for others at all, ensure that the customer really can deliver texts in digital form and commit them to the best writing. Because that is a commercial web design – a cooperation between client and web designer.

Maintain the website correctly

Probably your website still has weaknesses. You need to take care of something new, because without updates no visitors. In addition, if a website is not looked at, so it does not fulfil its purpose. For this reason, you always have to publish on your website new and exciting material.

For example, the user will be happy about receiving a short message about news on the home page.At the beginning, make 2 updates a month and then increases you in slow steps to 2 updates a week. In this way, you will be successful.

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